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Share Some Love!

We’ve seen a lot of significant events over the past few years, and one thing is clear – it’s very easy to focus on things that are wrong. Without a doubt, America has come a long way and there’s still lots of work to be done. But for this 4th of July weekend, let’s try sharing some things that we love about this place that we call home! Simply click here to let us know and we will share your responses on a future episode!

Vacation Reminder

As a reminder, there will be no new episode this Tuesday, June 22nd. And there will be no Weekend Chill this week as we continue Summer Vacation! Be sure to join us when we return on Tuesday, June 29th at 9PM Eastern!

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Coming Soon!

Over the past several months, we have been working behind the scenes to bring you something new – V.I.P.

What is V.I.P.? Let’s start with what it’s not – it is not an exclusive tier of content. Rather, V.I.P. is Voluntary Input Production Services (ok, technically that’s V.I.P.S. but let’s be honest here – that’s just not as catchy!) With V.I.P. we plan to offer production services for content creators, but more specifically for the up-and-coming and indie podcast crowd.

We will provide services such as audio editing / mastering, branding and design, music, and more. And since we will be aiming more towards providing services to our indie friends, we plan to offer these services at a much more budget friendly price.

So keep on the lookout for V.I.P. when we announce the official launch!

V.I.P. Coming Soon