As we enter our 3rd year we would like to keep you up to date regarding some important changes to the show.

Voluntary Input started off as a tech review podcast / live stream, but with more. Along the way we’ve covered everything from tech, books, tv, film, and even adoption and foster care. We ran an entire year of consistently streaming live every Tuesday night at 9PM Eastern, and branched out into offering a music live stream via Mixcloud known as “Friday Night Chill” which eventually expanded to cover both Friday and Saturday nights, and thus was reimagined as “Weekend Chill”. After each Tuesday night broadcast, we also would offer “Sunday Replay” for those who initially missed the live stream. Additional offerings have also been added as of late - “Monday Motivation” as well as “Wednesday Wisdom”.

But now it is important for Voluntary Input to evolve once again. In light of new life challenges and new opportunities, the following changes have been made:

  1. Weekend Chill has been discontinued. All previous shows and content will remain available at the discretion of Mixcloud’s content policies. 
  2. Both Monday Motivation and Wednesday Wisdom will be on hiatus until further notice, with the possibility of being discontinued. 
  3. New episodes of Voluntary Input will now occur monthly, as opposed to weekly / bi-weekly. 

Above all else, THANK YOU to each and every one of you who’ve been tuning in, listening, and supporting the show! As always, please feel free to visit to contact should you want to learn more.


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