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on 9/29/2021

Leo and Adam are all original and this is one of my favorite podcasts! view on Apple Podcasts

on 8/14/2021

Leo and Adam have some great conversations about technology, science, economics and life. I’ve learned a lot in just a few episodes, give them a try. Plus their intro really slaps. view on Apple Podcasts

on 6/6/2021

I've gotten to know Leo over the last year and also checked out his show. Always nice hearing a show with geniune discussions yet also have no problem respectfully disagreeing on things. Good show. view on Apple Podcasts

on 3/30/2021

This was an amazing experience as a guest and I enjoyed very much the discussion and content. The host is wonderful and I highly recommend this podcast view on Apple Podcasts

on 3/4/2021

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from this podcast, but it was a really good listen. It was engaging and entertaining at the same time. A good variety of topics and it easy to binge through. Definitely subscribing ✅ - Independent Thought podcast view on Apple Podcasts

on 2/16/2021

A very honest and transparent podcast that offers so much knowledge and experience for the mind. Definitely will be tuning in regularly. view on Apple Podcasts

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