A little over 3 years ago Voluntary Input was born primarily out of my own curiosity. Originally, I wanted to explore the world of producing reviews, but quickly realized that space was a bit too crowded for me. So instead I decided to focus on content that focused on tech in general, and the people behind the tech. Over time, I've learned so much about the production and editing process - a lot which I learned from others within the content creator community. I've made some wonderful connections along the way. Connections that I value as friendships, although we've never met in real life.

However, I regret to inform you all that due to personal events the decision has been made to put Voluntary Input on indefinite hiatus. I want to personally thank you - the listener, the supporter, and the collaborator - for helping me shape Voluntary Input into what it had become. My hope is that I delivered quality content that you all enjoyed, found entertaining, and / or insightful.

At this time, as mentioned, there are no plans to continue the show or to bring it back. However, all episodes published up to this point will remain available for as long as the podcast networks/apps on which it appears on will continue to host it. 

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to listen and/or collaborate. If you are a content creator, I wish you nothing but the best and all success in all you do going forward.

Peace and be well.... Leo J. Allen, Jr.

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