On this episode, we talk with actor turned self-taught filmmaker Bo Roberts about everything from psychology, life and filmmaking during to COVID lockdown era, self discovery, and his new film "The Great Awakening", which was acquired by Filmhub and is currently available on multiple streaming platforms, including tubiTV. This Indiana-born model/actor turned self-taught was driven to filmmaking through his interest in psychology. On the heels of 17 short films, Roberts took the opportunity during 2021 to make the feature film, "The Great Awakening". Named one of the "50 Sexiest Men Alive," he transitioned from modeling to acting. He has appeared in various projects including Legendary Pictures/Noam Murro's "300: Rise of an Empire"; Fox's "The Mindy Project" and USA Network's "Burn Notice" and most recently in Lionsgate/Kevin Carraway's "Change of Command" with Michael Jai White and Steve Austin.

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Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MrBoRoberts

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