York Campbell, author, sound editor, producer, poet, and host of Welcome To Earth Stories (a Sci-Fi Anthology) joins us to talk about censorship, equity, empathy, and what it means to simply be a good Earthling. To learn more about York and to listen to his show, visit https://poeticearthlings.com This episode contains promotion for: Dacayin With The Boys - linktr.ee/decayinwtb Be sure to listen and subscribe to this great podcast! Need music for your podcast, online streaming channel, film, or other creative content? Check out Melodie! - https://go.melod.ie/voluntaryinput Leave us a message at https://podinbox.com/voluntaryinput Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content with ShareASale! - https://bit.ly/3QXDYfq Download and use Newsly for free now from www.newsly.me and use promo code VOLUNTARYINPUT

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