On this final episode in our A.I. series, we speak with Kate Dudzik about one of the most fascinating aspects in the field - Cognition.Kate has been researching, writing, and exploring themes in Cognitive Science since 2014. She earned both her Bachelor Degree (Honours) and Master’s Degree in Cognitive Science from the Institute of Cognitive Science at Carleton University, where she specialised in the Biological Foundations of Cognition (2017) and Agent-Based Cognitive Modelling (2019). Kate is a peer-reviewed, published scientist with work spanning multiple disciplines, from Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics (Springer), to Computer Science (Elsevier); published at both academic conferences in Cognitive Science and the Digital Humanities. In addition to her scientific research, Kate has designed Artificial Intelligence products in private industry, has written multiple articles for industry about digital technology and human interaction, and presented to multiple groups including CIMA/CGMA about understanding digital technology, how it impacts thoughts and behaviour, and best practices in the field. This episode features promotions for:Doom Generation - https://linktr.ee/doomgenerationpodLatin Jukebox - anchor.fm/latinjukeboxandMiddle Aged Gaming - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/middle-aged-gaming/id1530133996Be sure to listen and subscribe to those great podcasts as well!Need music for your podcast, online streaming channel, film, or other creative content? Check out Melodie! - https://go.melod.ie/voluntaryinputLeave us a message at https://podinbox.com/voluntaryinputFind a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content with ShareASale! - https://bit.ly/3QXDYfqDownload and use Newsly for free now from www.newsly.me and use promo code VOLUNTARYINPUT

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