In this episode, we learn a bit more about the foundations of AI, data collection, and the future of AI from Babak Hodjat.Babak Hodjat is a serial entrepreneur behind several Silicon Valley companies as main inventor and technologist, and currently serves as CTO - AI at Cognizant. Babak is the former co-founder and CEO of Sentient, responsible for the core technology behind the world’s largest distributed artificial intelligence system, and he was also the founder of the world's first AI-driven hedge-fund, Sentient Investment Management. Babak is widely credited as the main inventor of the natural language technology used in Apple’s Siri. He is an Iranian-American inventor with a passion for storytelling, soccer, and Artificial Intelligence. Born in London, Babak went to kindergarten in Idaho, attended middle school in London, completed high school and undergraduate studies in Iran, and obtained his PhD in Japan. He has been living and working in California since the late nineties. Babak Has published more than 50 peer reviewed academic papers, and is the inventor on more than 30 US patents.Get your copy of Babak's memoir "The Konar and the Apple" here - https://dastaanpublishing.comConnect with Babak on Twitter - @babakatworkOr on LinkedIn - music for your podcast, online streaming channel, film, or other creative content? Check out Melodie! - us a message at episode features promotions for:Middle Aged Gaming - Views - sure to listen and subscribe to those great podcasts as well!Download and use Newsly for free now from and use promo code VOLUNTARYINPUT

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