When we speak about equality, the conversation is almost always centered around pay. We tend to talk about how women still earn roughly 84% of what men earn, and how the median income of Black families still hovers around $41,000 whereas White families have a median household income of more than $70,000. But is the focus on pay gaps really what's most important, or should we be looking at something far more significant? On this episode of Voluntary Input, I speak with William Adams about this very thing. With a tech career spanning some 30 plus years, he was one of the first Black entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, was recently profiled by the Computer History Museum, he is co-founder of Microsoft's LEAP apprenticeship program, is currently the Technical Advisor to the CTO at Microsoft, and quite frankly one of my heroes in tech. 
Connect with William - 
Website: https://www.william-a-adams.com/ 
Linkedin: thewilliamaadams 
Twitter: @LeapToTech 
The EV3NT: https://www.theev3nt.com/
And be sure to check out parts 1 & 2 of "Oral History of Stephan and William Adams" on the Computer History Museum YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQsxaNhYv8daKdGi7s85ubzbWdTB36-_q


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