There is no denying that many of us are practically emerced in tech 24/7 - especially on our smart phones. On this episode, Rob Kecak offer his humans first perspective for us to tach control of tech as opposed to letting tech take control of us. He talks about having tech mindfulness, as well as how he helps companies adopt a 4 day work week.To find out more about the work Rob does, visit https://www.humansfirst.usTo redeem your FREE 30 minute call with Rob, be sure to use the subject line he mentions in the episode and send it to - rob@humansfirst.usPlease consider donating to The National Kidney Foundation as they strive to provide all patients with access to the care, treatment and guidance they need to cope with a kidney disease diagnosis - episode feature promotion from THE CULTWORTHY PODCAST. Be sure to listen and subscribe, and check out !Want a new way to listen to web articles and podcasts like Voluntary Input? Go to, use promo code V0LUNTARY1NPUT, and receive a 1-month free premium subscription!

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