It seems like on an almost daily basis, we hear talk about data and privacy. Stolen data, privacy breaches, data mining….the list goes on! But what does it all mean? Are the likes of Facebook, Google, and Amazon really stealing our data? And is Apple the only good egg among them all? How can we protect our data if we don’t understand what’s really going on?I reached out to a good friend who just so happens to be an expert in the field, Bill Kilgallon. We try to shed some light on the truth about what data actually is, how companies actually use it (the good and the bad), and hopefully clear up some of the fear and confusion that's often caused by stories repeated in the media.Recorded live, August 10th, 2019Questions or comments about this or any other episode? Please be sure to leave a message at !Or email them directly to --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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