As we journey through life, we all pick up baggage along the way. Some baggage is heavier than others. Special guest Keyonna Cox joins us to talk about how we can unpack that baggage, leading to a healthy and fulfilling life! Keyonna is the author of Unpacked Baggage: Getting to Know Keyonna Cox from A to Z. in which she illustrates how she unpacked the baggage of her own life, leading to a life of joy and entrepreneurship! Connect with Keyonna on LinkedIn - Please consider donating to The National Kidney Foundation as they strive to provide all patients with access to the care, treatment and guidance they need to cope with a kidney disease diagnosis - Want a new way to listen to web articles and podcasts like Voluntary Input? Go to, use promo code V0LUNTARY1NPUT, and receive a 1-month free premium subscription!

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