Voluntary Input

Never forced. Never coerced.

Coming Soon!

Over the past several months, we have been working behind the scenes to bring you something new – V.I.P.

What is V.I.P.? Let’s start with what it’s not – it is not an exclusive tier of content. Rather, V.I.P. is Voluntary Input Production Services (ok, technically that’s V.I.P.S. but let’s be honest here – that’s just not as catchy!) With V.I.P. we plan to offer production services for content creators, but more specifically for the up-and-coming and indie podcast crowd.

We will provide services such as audio editing / mastering, branding and design, music, and more. And since we will be aiming more towards providing services to our indie friends, we plan to offer these services at a much more budget friendly price.

So keep on the lookout for V.I.P. when we announce the official launch!

V.I.P. Coming Soon